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Joan Jett


Thanks to the release to DVD of The Runaways film about the all-girl rock band, a new audience is being introduced its executive producer and the band’s co-founding member Joan Jett. Jett is a rock n’ roll icon that has influenced the music business, fashion and sound since the mid-1970s and continues to stay fresh […]

Nicko McBrain’s Rock n’ Roll Send Off


Rock N Roll Ribs in Coral Springs Rocks Fans with RiFF RaFF, War Pigs and McBrain Damage At Nicko McBrain’s Rock N Roll Ribs Restaurant, Nicko celebrated with fans, friends and family. He will soon depart on the 2010 tour with his band Iron Maiden. Helping rock the crowd of thousands of people throughout the […]

Ronnie James Dio Passed Away 7:45am May 16, 2010


“We’re a ship without a storm, cold without the warm, light inside the darkness that it needs. We’re the laugh without the tear, hope without the fear. We are coming home.” Ronnie James Dio, born Ronaldo Giovanni Padovan July 10th, 1942, died May 16, 2010 at the age of 67. He began his music career […]

A Rock n Roll Birthday Surprise


Most musicians, whether a bass player, violin player or piano player, want something…. a new instrument. But good instruments hard to come by. Hard to come because music stores no longer stock every instrument and, once the perfect one is found, it is challenge to find the must extra money to buy it. Gorilla Koppisch, bass player for the […]